December 11th 2019

Peptinov’s Hervé Do and René Azoulai  have participated in a FaceBook Live Q&A session (French language video).


November 18th 2019

Following the success of its previous crowdfunding project, Peptinov is starting a new fundraising campaign, again with Happy Capital (until Feb 15th 2020).

October 2019

IRCEM healthinsurance group has made an additional investment in Peptinov and now owns 10% of the company.

June 2019

Peptinov made a new video to present its innovative approach in osteoarthritis:

April 2019

Thanks to a one million euro investment, health insurance group IRCEM becomes Peptinov’s first institutional investor.

February 2019

Peptinov’s crowdfunding campaign on Happy Capital has reached the over-subscription ceiling: 600,000 euros! 


November 2018

The fundraising campaign, through the Happy Capital crowdfunding platform was a success: the 400k€ objective was reached. This fundraising campaign is still on-going until Nov 30th 2018 in order to raise additional funds for Peptinov’s clinical phase 1.

July 2018

Peptinov launches a fundraising campaign, through the Happy Capital platform, which is among the top French investment crowdfunding platforms, in order to fund its clinical development.

Peptinov’s team was interviewed by Bordeaux TV (French language video):


Presentation video for the crowdfunding campaign (French language video):

Feb 2018

Peptinov benefits from an interest-free loan (‘Aide à l’Innovation’) from BPI France (Banque Publique d’Investissement, the French government investment bank) to fund the pre-clinical studies for its anti-IL-6 immunotherapy.

Jan 2018

René Azoulai joins Peptinov as its new CEO.

Jan 2018

Peptinov’s anti-IL-6 is being evaluated in a regulatory toxicity study in cynomolgus monkeys. This study should be completed by September 2018.


Sept 2017

Dr. Jean-Pierre Salles (Pharm.D) joins Peptinov as CTO. Dr. Salles is highly skilled in the fields of peptide synthesis and vaccine development.


Jan 20th 2016

Peptinov’s R&D team published an article in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Groupe), describing the immunogenicity and safety of Peptinov’s PPV-06 vaccine in monkeys, as well as a protective effect against the skin inflammation response to a DTH (Delayed Type-1 Hypersensitivity) reaction.


July 24th 2014

Peptinov’s R&D team published an article in Arthritis Research & Therapy, describing the protective effect of Peptinov’s PPV-06 vaccine against systemic sclerosis in mice.


December 20th 2013

Roche’s new subcutaneous formulation of RoACTEMRA gains CHMP positive opinion in Europe for moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. Read more…

October 22nd 2013

Roche gains FDA approval for new subcutaneous formulation of ACTEMRA for use in adult patients living with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis. Read more…

September 22nd 2013

Ablynx lands $840M AbbVie deal on next-gen Humira successor. Read more…

April 30th 2013

FDA approves ACTEMRA for children living with a rare form of arthritis. Read more…

March 1st 2013

Bruno Martin joins Peptinov as new CEO.  


November 20th 2012

Peptinov is selected by Paris Biotech Santé for a relocation in the Cochin Santé Business Accelator. Relocation is to happen during the first quarter 2013.  


August 3rd 2011

Roche’s RoACTEMRA approved in Europe for children living with a rare and severe form of arthritis. Read more…

April 18th 2011

FDA approves Actemra for the treatment of Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA). Read more…  


June 10th 2010

Peptinov’s labs are relocated inside the campus of Cochin Hospital, Paris.

January 11th, 2010

FDA approves Actemra (Roche) for the treatment of moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis. Read more…