Peptinov is a Paris-based biotech start-up founded by Prof. Jean-François Zagury to develop innovative vaccines against non-infectious diseases (auto-immmune diseases, cancer, chronic pain).

November 2009 

Creation of Peptinov.

June 2010

Move of Peptinov’s laboratories to Paris Biotech incubator at Cochin Hospital, Paris.


Proof of concept  in mice and monkeys.

March 2013 

Relocation of Peptinov’s laboratories to the Cochin Biotech Business Accelerator on the campus of Cochin Hospital.



The Cochin Biotech Business Accelerator hosting Peptinov’s labs.

October 2013

Laureate, FUI national grant program for the development of Peptinov’s anti-IL-1 vaccine, ensuring financing for this R&D program (performed in collaboration with industrial and academic partners) over the following 4 years.

December 2013 

Selection by Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) for a RAPID grant to develop Peptinov’s anti-TNF small molecule inhibitors, in collaboration with industrial partners, over the following 3 years.

June 2014

Peptinov’s R&D team published an article in Arthritis Research & Therapy, describing the protective effect of Peptinov’s PPV-06 vaccine against systemic sclerosis in mice.

January 2016

Peptinov released an article on the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of its anti-IL-6 active immunotherapy candidate in non-human primates in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group). Article available on Scientific Reports’ website.

September 2016

Hervé de Kergrohen, MD, MBA, joined Peptinov as CEO. Hervé de Kergrohen has 25 years of experience in the management and financing of innovative life science companies.

February 2017

Peptinov starts the development of several anti-cancer vaccines.

May 2017

Peptinov signs a collaboration agreement with a leading Animal Health corporation.