Peptinov’s drug design products (small molecule inhibitors)

Anti-TNFa small molecule inhibitor

Peptinov has developed a small molecule TNFa inhibitor through its drug design platform.

This anti-TNFa inhibitor showed the following results:
– In vitro inhibition of TNF activity in cellular assays,
– Demonstration of in vitro inhibition of TNFa/TNF-R interaction,
– Effective binding to TNFa,
– Per os and i.p. protective effect in the LPS/D-Gal septic shock mouse model (which is TNFa-dependent).

This anti-TNFa product is to the extent of our knowledge the only direct TNFa small molecule inhibitor currently in development. An optimization phase is underway in order to increase the activity of the lead compound.

Other anti-cytokine products in development

Peptinov is currently developing products against different cytokines with its drug design platform: IL-6, IL-23p19, IL-1b, IL-4, IL-13 and IL-33. Hit compounds have already been identified and the screening is underway.

Several cytokines are also being investigated with the active immunization platform.