Biologics (monoclonal antibodies mostly) dramatically improved the treatment of many diseases). However their  very high costs often make them unaffordable to many patients. Furthermore, resistance to treatment can be observed after 2 years. The treatment regimen (typically 2 to 3 auto-injections per month) also leads to patient compliance issues.


In comparison, Peptinov’s approach has major competitive advantages in many patient populations.


1. No resistance to treatment

Harnessing the patients’ own antibodies to treat the disease means no induction of resistance against the treatment itself.

2. Easy to use

Non intravenous injections, the immunization schedule consists in three to four subcutaneous or intramuscular boosters per year, simple to monitor.

3. Reduced production costs

Peptinov’s active immunotherapy approach will lead to treatment access for large patient populations, including in early disease stages.

4. Large market potential

Peptinov’s developement platform can potentially be applied to many different proteins, involved in various pathologies (inflammation, pain, cancers…).